When we say breakup in this article, we mean getting dumped. No one needs a list of things that would make them feel better once they have broken up with someone. People who get dumped do and this article is aimed at them. We have all been in such a situation (or most of us have) and it sucks balls, especially if you were really into the dumper. Luckily, there are a few things that anyone can do to make the transition easier.

1. Get drunk

Getting drunk is a spectacularly good way to deal with being dumped. When you get drunk, you get honest with yourself and you start to realize very important things about yourself and about the relationship you were just in. All of your worst characteristics and feelings come bubbling to the surface and it is good to experience that to realize that you are no one special and that even the person you thought was your soul mate finds you very ordinary. Getting drunk after being dumped destroys your ego and makes you a better person.

2. Hit on some girls/guys

You can combine this with the first one. You should go out and hit on people. If you like girls, hit on some girls, if you like guys, hit on some guys. It does not matter if they reject you or if they even laugh in your face. It does not matter if you break in front of them and start crying. They will not care. Also, this will make you realize how many gorgeous people there are in the world and it will all make your recovery process be much shorter than it would be.

3. Be a dick to someone

When you get dumped you got the most dick-like treatment in your life. It was the person you cared most about that did it to you and no matter how nice they do it and how gentle they are with you, they are being a dick to you and it can ruin anyone’s self-respect and self-image. Which is why you need to restore the balance and be a dick to someone yourself. You need to understand that being a dick does not take much and that the fact someone was dick to you does not mean that you are a bad person. It is just that it is very easy thing to do.

4. Play some video games

Playing video games gives you a very pleasing, albeit totally undeserved sense of accomplishment and it makes you feel better. Also, you tend to forget about things when you are playing really good video games.

5. Listen to some Tom Waits

It makes your suffering a bit more dignified and it also goes so very well with #1.

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